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Navigating Success: Case Study of Fremantle Marine Electronics

In the maritime industry, precision and reliability are fundamental. Fremantle Marine Electronics (FME), a distinguished Australian company, has long been a beacon for those seeking cutting-edge marine solutions.

This case study investigates FME’s journey, the challenges they faced, and how their strategic partnership with Embedded Technologies (ETE) led to transformative outcomes.


Established as an Australian-owned and operated enterprise, FME has become synonymous with excellence in marine electronics. From seabed mapping to satellite compasses, FME’s offerings span a diverse spectrum. Their mission? To enhance navigation, communication, and monitoring capabilities in vessels, both recreational and commercial.


The commercial fishing sector posed a unique set of challenges for FME. The demand for a high-specification, fan-less industrial computer, customizable in terms of CPU, RAM, and storage, created a conundrum. Finding a solution that met these stringent requirements while aligning with customer budgets became imperative.


Enter Embedded Technologies (ETE), a key ally for FME in navigating the complexities of industrial computing. ETE’s provision of the 6640 and 6641 Boxer computers, boasting durability, high specifications, and fan-less operation, proved to be the solution FME sought. With options for customization and essential features like serial communication ports, ETE’s products perfectly complemented FME’s needs.

Results & Client Feedback

The implementation of ETE’s solutions brought forth a sea change for FME. The zero failure rate and extended lifespan of the computers led to heightened customer satisfaction. Word-of-mouth recommendations within the fishing industry propelled ETE’s sales upward. The durability and marine-suited design of ETE’s computers, coupled with their fan-less operation reducing salt ingress, gave FME a distinct competitive advantage.

FME’s satisfaction with their collaboration with ETE is echoed in their testimonial. The personalized approach, consistent product quality, and efficient communication contributed to a harmonious partnership. ETE’s Australian ownership, customizability, and after-sales support were cited as crucial advantages.

In the vast seas of the maritime industry, FME found a reliable navigator in ETE. This case study illustrates how strategic partnerships, born from understanding unique industry challenges, can lead to transformative outcomes. As FME continues to sail through the waters of innovation, their collaboration with ETE stands as a testament to the power of precision, reliability, and strategic industrial computing.

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