Embedded Technologies Services

Embedded Technologies Services


The first step of any hardware and software project is knowing where to begin and arguably the most important phase of any product design. Designs often get stuck in loops of continual development due to not researching and defining the product needs.


Embedded Technologies can work with your requirements in three simple ways: Configure a system from off-the-shelf components (Standard), Elect to make modifications to existing platforms (Semi-Custom) and Engage with us on a fully custom hardware platform (Full-Custom).


Our branding services not only help you improve the out-of-box experience, but enable you to personalise your hardware platform and packaging with the addition of your brand colours, logos, product name, custom accessories kits and serial labelling.

Imaging & BIOS

Simplify your build process and management by letting us handle all your build, disk imaging and BIOS customisation requirements. Let us take care of your hardware while you focus on your application.


We’re an experienced system assembler and capable of handling any bespoke assembly integration requirements. Our manufacturing runs from 1 unit upwards, offering a total unit assembly process.

Lifecycle Management

Ensuring the ongoing success of any project is being mindful of life cycle of all aspects of technology, electronic components used within our range of solution are selected to ensure 3-5 years embedded component availability.

Your Journey Begins Here

Embedded Technologies is where possibilities become reality. Let’s embark on a journey of innovation together, and together, we’ll shape the future.

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