PCM-3660 Rev. B

PCM-3660 Rev. B, PC/104 Ethernet Module

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The PCM-3660 Rev. B PC/104 Ethernet Module is compatible with Novell NE2000 and is a pure pc/104 interface for 10Base-T Ethernet. It automatically detects an 8-bit or 16-bit data bus, and the module features very low power consumption with +5V@400mA max.


  • Military
  • Operator Terminal
  • Transportation
  • Aviation


  • Hardware and Software Compatible with Novell NE2000
  • Automatically Detects 8-bit or 16-bit Data Bus
  • Pure PC/104 Interface for 10Base-T Ethernet

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Part Number TF-PCM-3660-B10
module PC/104, 10Base-T Ethernet Module


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