AEC-204B, 4-slot Industrial Wallmount IPC System Half-size CPU Cards Support

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The AEC-204B is a 4-slot industrial wallmount chassis designed to provide an environmentally secure housing for embedded control system and other space critical applications. It supports PCI, PCISA and ISA passive backplane and can accept most half-size ISA/ PCISA bus CPU cards. AEC-204B reserves two RS-232 ports and one parallel port and has room for both a 3.5″ internal hard-drive and an external 3.5″ from a floppy-drive (or one slim FDD, slim CD-ROM). It is also equipped with both DC and AC 150-watt power supply. Its rugged, sturdy, fully-sealed steel chassis and well-ventilated design can withstand shock and constant vibration associated with harsh environments.


  • Automation
  • Transportation
  • Banking Machine


  • High Performance Half-size CPU Cards and 4-slot PISA/ISA Bus Passive Backplanes
  • Anti-vibration 3.5″ Hard Disk Drive Bay x 1 and Front Access 3.5″ Floppy Disk Drive x 1 (or Slim CD-ROM/Floppy Disk Drive)
  • 12cm Ball Bearing Cooling Fan and Replaceable Filter x 1
  • Supports Standard 1U Power Supply
  • Anti-Vibration Design for CPU Card

Ordering Information [AEC-204B]

Part Number TF-AEC-204B-B
description Wallmount, 4-Slot Chassis Bare, 1U Power (20.5cm), PS_SW(ATX), Black

Optional Accessories

Power Supply Options

P/N TYPE PFC Support Input Voltage Watt Size
TF-PW-H150-A-00 ATX Active PFC Auto 115-230V 150W 1U (18.5cm)

Passive Backplane Options

P/N Description Master Interface Slots Power Connector, ATX Extend Function
BP-204SI Wallmount, ISA 4-slot, Backplane, 4 ISA, Single Segment, AT, A1.3 ISA 0/4/0 (PCI/ ISA/ PICMG) AT
TF-BP-204SS-P1 Wallmount, PISA 4-slot, Backplane, 1 PCI, 2 ISA, Single Segment, AT/ATX PCISA 1/2/2 (PCI/ ISA/ PISA) AT
TF-BP-204SS-P2 Wallmount, PISA 4-slot, Backplane, 2 PCI, 1 ISA, Single Segment, AT PCISA 1/1/1/1 (PCI/ ISA/ PISA/ PICMG_PCI) ATX, 6-pin ATX extend
TF-BP-204SP-P3 Wallmount, PCI 4-slot, Backplane, 3 PCI, Single Segment, AT/ATX, Bulk Pack PCI 3/0/1 (PCI/ ISA/ PICMG_PCI) ATX, 3-pin ATX extend

CPU Cards Options

P/N Description Master Interface
TF-HSB-965P Socket 478, Core™ 2 Duo (533/667/800MHz) PCI
TF-HSB-811P Onboard Celeron® M (600MHz); Socket 479 P-M (1.2 GHz)/ Celeron® M (900MHz) PCI
TF-HSB-813S Socket 479 P-M (2.0 GHz)/ Celeron® M (900MHz) PCISA
TF-HSB-910I Onboard Celeron® M (600MHz)(400MHz) ISA
TF-HSB-668I Onboard VIA CoreFusion 533 MHz CPU ISA

Accessories Options

P/N Description
9741204000 Accessory CD-ROM for AEC-204


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